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3 Skills needed to become a successful community manager in web3

In our previous article of this course, we covered who a community manager is and 6 steps to becoming one, today we’ll be covering the skills needed to become a successful community manager in web3.

  1. An excellent understanding of web3
  2. Very good at using Discord and various web3 tools
  3. Great at driving conversations.

An excellent understanding of web3

To be an excellent community manager you need to have a fantastic understanding of what web3 is and how it works. You don’t necessarily need to have the deepest understanding of web3 into how the tech works but having a solid understanding of how web3 works, how the technology improves our lives, and so on.

A good understanding of NFTs, DAOs, and Defi is also a plus as it gives you an edge over others.

Very good at using discord and various web3 tools

Discord is the primary hub of web3, it is where the web3 community gathers around to communicate. A great understanding of how discord works, how to set up discord bots, and how to onboard new members into your discord server is paramount. 

Some important web3 tools and apps you need to master are:

  • Notion: for task management both internally and externally. It's also a fantastic place to store important information.

  • Dework:: the best way for a web project to set tasks out for the community to do and help with getting new people involved.

  • Metamask: A great understanding of metamask on how to import tokens, Add networks, and swap would be important as you will be dealing with helping people get your community tokens into their wallets.

  • DEX; You as a community manager need to understand how Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap, Quickswap, etc work so you can help your community buy and sell your token. 

  • Other tools and sites like Medium, Layer3, Google Docs, and more.

Great at driving conversations

At its core, your job is to drive community conversation and keep the server active, helping anyone that has questions about your project. 

Your job isn’t necessarily to be the guy always talking but the guy driving the conversation and chipping in to help have healthy conversations in the discord.

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