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5 steps to going full time on DAOs

Quitting your job and working full time on what you love is a dream for most people and DAOs are the most open Gateway to that. Coopahtroopa is one of the most recognizable faces for DAOs. Coopahtroopa is Full time on DAOs. He works on and with communities he loves. This is a dream for we “web3” bros, a time when we can live working on things we love and have extreme flexibility.


Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

How Coopahtroopa did it

As seen from the image above he is in a ton of DAOs, launching tokens, participating in governance, organizing the community, and acting as a voice for the next generation to do the same.

He finds DAOs that interest him, becomes a contributor, providing immense value to the DAO then over time he gets a sort of full-time role in the DAO getting paid in a Mix of Ownership and ETH/USDC. 

The best thing about working full time is that you can be in a full-time position with DAO and still have the freedom to be a contributor to another DAO, as long as it doesn’t affect the DAO you’re in full time on. Imagine working as a dev for Google and going ahead to contribute some code to discord, you’ll probably get fired immediately Google finds out. DAOs are changing the Game, FREEDOM, AND OWNERSHIP

Steps to going full time on DAOs 

1. You need to have some cash runway to live on for about 3 months 

Let's call this the “things might be rough” stage. You’re probably not going to get into DAOs today and get a full-time role today, let's be honest. So you need some cash to be able to live comfortably for about 3 months (more if possible) this will give you ample time to find what you’re passionate about and start working towards the dream. If you’re feeling confident and “degen-y” quit and go all in, won’t advise you to though.

Photo by Helen Todd on Unsplash

2. Start your search for a couple of DAOs you’ll love to be on full time on.

We’ll call this the “Single & searching” stage. You got your 3 months runway, you are confident, let's get started. 

There are tons of DAOs with various Goals and ideologies. So you might want to spend a couple of weeks searching for 3 to 5 DAOs that you’ll love to be dedicated to. Advice you go for a mix of 2 established DAOs and 2 not so established, new DAOs and maybe 1 risky DAO.

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

3. Start contributing

Let's call this the “Experimental” stage. Here you’ll start contributing to the 3 to 5 DAOs you’ve chosen and testing the waters to see where you fit and if you do or don’t vibe with the community. Feel free to leave a DAO if you don’t love the vibe they are giving.

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

4. Light at the end of the tunnel

Not all the DAOs you began contributing to will give you a full-time role (you might get all, you never know). At this point, you already are a known and respected contributor to the DAO. You’re likely getting paid to do some specific tasks, not full time, but earning some governance tokens and participating in governance just by being a core member of the DAO. Congratulations you’re one step away from Quitting your Job and getting onboard full time. We’ll advise you to study the DAO and see if they have the funding and model to hire full time or if they have any sore of plans to hire, it's pretty helpful so you know what and what not to expect from a DAO

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


At this point the DAO core contributors are already talking about you and are impressed, they feel like you are a tangible asset to the future of the DAO. You get a DM, Hey, we’ve been thinking to want to come on board full time? here are the perks will be offering, guess what it's 10X your job and 100X more fun. 

In a caveat where you don’t get that DM, simply ask the core team if they want you on a full time, if you’ve been a fantastic contributor you’ll get a resounding yes. Another route is having a community proposal for you to go full time, if the community loves you and you’ve been helpful, you are getting a yes from the Poll!

Either way, you get the Job full time :) 

You walk up to your boss, yourself in the mirror, pump your chest and go right to your EX- boss and say the sentence. I QUIT!

Congratulations you’re a full degen and on your way to building a life, you love, working with people you love, and also long-term wealth. 

Photo by Romain V on Unsplash

Even with having full-time position tons of interesting and innovative DAOs are launching daily and checking Voice consistently will help with Knowing what is out there and also begin contributing to more DAOs.

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