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Who is a community manager? and 6 Steps to becoming a full time web3 Community manager

Community is one of the biggest drivers of web3 and every project needs a community manager but there’s an obvious shortage of quality supply of talented community managers who care about the projects and know what the responsibilities of a community manager are.

Who is a community manager?

Most people think being a community manager is all about just replying to messages in the discord server and making some announcements but it's more than that. As the community manager, you’re setting the tone for the Project, either a DAO, NFT Project, or a web3 startup. You dictate the pace of the community, help debunk FUD, do some customer service, set the brand identity, and speak for the project. This is a huge responsibility and we feel being a community manager would be a High-income job soon. 

6 Steps to becoming a web3 Community manager

  1. Find your web3 Niche and interest
  2. Set your vibe type
  3. Familiarize yourself with important community web3 tools
  4. Join DAOs and NFT Project discords
  5. If you’re new, perform some web3 task 
  6. Start applying for jobs

1. Find your web3 Niche and Interest

There are tons of sectors in the web3 space from NFTs to DAOs to Defi to SocialFi etc. So you got to find where your genuine interests match your favorite web3 Niche. 

There’s a difference between the type of community manager needed for an NFT Project to the type needed for a Defi project both have different goals.

For most NFT Projects the goal is to have the community hyped as often as possible and have an extremely vibrant discord which will ask a lot of your time but it's different with a Defi projects cause the goal is to have people using the platform not discord so its more of a relaxed quench the fire type of role.

So you need to set your Niche and Interest, to be able to progress long term

2. Set your vibe type

This is probably the most overlooked step when it comes to becoming a community manager, your vibe type. Some people are loud and playful, some people love the meme culture, some love lore and some got the formal vibe.

There’s a space for everyone in web3 but you choose your vibe type synonymous to you. If you are the meme culture type of person you probably don’t want to be the community manager for Cult DAO as they are all about the lore vibe. If you love lore you probably don’t want to be the community manager for a Defi project to help banks integrate web3, a formal community manager is needed. 

Set your vibe type for the long term, not the short term because if you are naturally formal and you take a community role for a meme culture NFT Project, you’ll struggle to get a formal community manager role later on.

3. Familiarize yourself with important Community web3 tools

There are tons of tools used by web3 projects but here’s a list of the top 5 most important:

Discord: For organizing a community

Twitter: For a more open and social communication

Notion: To organize information

Medium: To publish blogposts and weekly updates

Dework: For organizing Community tasks

4. Join DAOs and NFT Project discords

This is a very important thing to do, Join various discord servers and get engraved in the culture. Join servers of Discords you’ll love to be the community manager of at some point down the line. If you love meme culture join MemeDAO and be active, there’s a chance your next hirer is also memeing on there.

Joining web3 Discord servers also help you in building reputation, the web3 space isn’t so large so if you’re in multiple servers, there’ll be some overlap of community members which makes it easy to build web3 credibility. 

5. If you’re new, perform some web3 task

If you’re completely new to the space you might need to perform tasks for various communities just to begin building your web3 reputation. You don’t want to be the guy who rambles on when asked “what other web3 projects have you contributed to?”. 

You don’t necessarily have to take on tons of work but a few works here and there, even for free or below market price would go a long way in convincing someone you should be paid to use discord. 

6. Start applying for jobs

The moment it’s all been building up to, Go unto voice and start applying to jobs, the job market for community managers is growing fast but the supply is a bit slow and there’s not enough quality in the market. If you can stand out you’ll get the roles you want.

A good tip is to look for a freelance community role especially if you’re confident in your ability to do a fantastic job cause if you do a fantastic job its hard to remove you from the role :)

Apply for Jobs directly here: https://www.voicedao.fun/jobs

Go the freelance route here: https://www.voicedao.fun/freelance

If you’re serious about going full-time web3, Use voice to help accelerate that: https://www.voicedao.fun/


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