What is voice? and How does $VDT work?

Voice is a web3 Edtech platform on a mission to onboard the next 10 Million people into web3 in the simplest and most rewarding way. 

You get paid to learn about web3, from DAOs to NFTs, Defi, and other communities.

How does it Work?

You read an article, answer a short quiz, and receive tokens. 

How is this sustainable?

We are looking at voice from the bounties play, collaborating with tokenized communities, learning about concepts, and earning tokens, their native token, ETH, or USDT. 

We are currently working on two collaborations to give this idea its first roll.

In the long run, you'll be earning NFTs, Governance tokens, ETH, and stablecoins.

Can i trade $VDT?

No, at least not yet. 

We are 100% conscious of this and are working on making it tradeable. We are using this to build a community of people who are here to learn not to receive the token and then sell it.

How do we intend to give $VDT value?

We are working on premium content for Voice, releasing a tokenized Saas model. The premium will give users access to web3 skills acquisition courses, Exclusive web3 freelance opportunities to apply all the skills just learned. 

We 100% believe this is enough value for us to get paying users, a Tokenized SaaS model, where we could charge buying a set amount of tokens per month to have access to these features.

Having a set of people frequently Buying and Holding the tokens every month will continue giving the token value long term

For example, imagine we charge 10 VDT per month and have 100,000 paying users, that is a guaranteed 1 million VDT Tokens demand Per month

Mid to long term the value of Voice and $VDT is bound to grow, the question is are you willing to learn about web3?

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