This is a Explain like i'm 5 DAO course explaining everything you need to know about DAOs.

What will you learn?

1.What are DAOs?

2.A brief history on DAOs

3.DAOs vs LLCs

4.Pros and Cons of DAOs

5.How to find the perfect DAO for you

6.Going full time on DAOs

7.How to create a DAO (Basics)

8.How to create a DAO (technical)

What are DAOs?

To start we'll talk about WTF are DAOs, truly. There's been a ton of talks about what DAOs are but there are a lot of buzzword clouding what DAOs are this is a Full break down of "Truly, WTF Are DAOs"

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A brief History on DAOs

Now that you know What DAOs are, i think its time to know where they originated from.

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DAOs vs LLCs(traditional organizations)

Ok now you know where DAOs originated from, now know your options DAOs vs LLCs (traditional organizations) This is a crucial match up to watch out for

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Pros and Cons of DAOs

Now that we know about our options its time to know why and Why not to Join DAOs. This is important so you know if this is for you or not for you

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5 steps to going full time on DAOs

We break it down to 5 easy steps to go full time DAOs

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How to create a DAO

Now you are buzzing in various and feel like its time to create your own? This is a non technical Guide on how to create a DAO.

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How to create a DAO(technical)

Now its time to get practical and technical This is a technical Guide on how to create a DAO.

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