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How much do web3 Marketers make?

Being that marketing in web3 is different and a lot more tasking, some web3 companies are willing to pay a premium for top talent marketers especially those with previous web3 experience.

The average yearly salary for a Marketer is $75k per year, with a minimum base salary of $45k and a maximum of $230k

So with that said here’s a breakdown of what different types of web3 marketers earn.

Chief Marketing Officers(CMO)

 The barrier to entry for a CMO is quite high as it is an executive role. Roles like this usually require you to have years of experience in marketing.

The average salary here is $120,000 per year.

On the lower end, you should expect $90,000, but let's be honest if you are a CMO you probably won’t be going through this course.

Growth Hacker

Growth Hackers are marketers hired to create viral and effective marketing cycles that can be translated into campaigns. So your job would be to create a system to make the product much more shareable and get the word of mouth wheel going.

The average salary here is $95,000

On the Lower end, you should expect $55,000

On the Higher-end you will be earning about $120,000

Now a lot of these salaries depend on the stage of the web3 company and what they are building.

So let's see what you’re likely to earn as a Marketer for an NFT project.

The role of an NFT project marketer has a lower barrier to entry, so therefore pays lesser but this depends on the stage of the project 

A pre-mint project will pay a lower weekly wage, but an already sold out project will pay a higher

Pre-mint: You can expect a weekly wage of about $500 to $900 with NFT perks. The perks here are larger.

A post mint project: You should expect about $900 to $1500 per week with NFT perks

Established Projects: Established projects usually have more funding so they can afford to pay standard yearly salaries like $50k to $75k.

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