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How much does a web3 Community manager earn?

Community management has seen a massive upturn in demand and there’s a massive shortage in QUALITY community managers. 

In terms of compensation, the salary of a community manager is dependent on the type of community he/she is managing.

NFT Community

An NFT community is the server of an NFT project, so the role of a community manager for an NFT community ranges from dealing with FUD, communicating with the community, answering questions on the project, and generally keeping a good vibe for the community to stay active and productive.

As a community manager for an NFT project, your salary is most likely to be paid, we will never advise you to get paid either per hour or per how active the community is as you don’t control the parameters here.

For a per week compensation plan 

On the low end: New projects without much funding, the barrier to entry here is quite low so you should expect a per week salary of about $150 to $300. You should also expect to get a cut from the total revenue generated from sales and also get a couple NFTs from the project.

On the Medium level: These are projects who just sold out or are well-funded NFT projects, the barrier here is also not so high but you need to have some previous experience to get this role. You should expect a salary of about $300 to $500 per week. You should also expect to get a cut from the total revenue generated from sales and also get a couple NFTs from the project.

On the high end: These are projects with a track record and already have an established community. Possibly already have a community manager and now are just looking to add a new one. The compensation road here is on the $500 to $1000 per week way. You probably shouldn’t expect a free NFT nor a cut of the revenue.

Web3 startups and Defi projects

A web3 startup at the level of upscaling after building a product will be looking to build a community and need a community manager. The barrier here is usually very high but pays well. At this level, there’s barely an entry-level as most projects expect you to already have experience and bring in expertise. 

On the Mid-level: At this level the project founders expect you to have prior experience managing communities in the web3 space. The barrier to entry here is high as you’ll go through an interview process and might need to meet a few people.

The compensation range for roles like this is within $500 to $1000 per week, which is the high end for most NFT Projects.

The High level: This is where you’re the community manager of projects building notable web3 infrastructure with a solid userbase and funding. The barrier here is very high and you are expected to be very experienced in the space.

Compensation here leaves the per week basis and goes into per month / per year. You should expect to be paid within the range of $40,000 to $80,000 per year.

At this level, your job goes from only the discord as there’s be an entire community team and you transition almost into a manager of community managers.

Hope this gives you an ideal idea of what a community manager earns. With the rate at which the space is growing there’s a large chance, that the pay of the role would grow as well.

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