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How to create a DAO

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

This part of the DAO course will cover the basics of creating a DAO, the non technical aspect. The technical aspect will be covered in the next Course chapter.

Now you have an idea of a community you want to bring together or a web3 product you want to build as a DAO, Here’s a step by Step guide on how to create a DAO, the basics.

First of all, you need a Discord or telegram, ideally any Group chat system will do but we suggest using discord as its the most used and would be easy to get members to just join your server over creating a new account somewhere else.

Up next you need to customize the Discord chat to fit your server style but ideally you want to have:

A general chat (#general): for conversations

A welcome channel: to welcome new members and give some ground rules

An announcement channel: For updates about the DAO or just to pass information to the masses

A how to contribute channel: #contribute: to explain how people can get involved

The remaining channels that would be created would be determined by the topic of your DAO.

After this you are pretty much good and all you’ll need is a website to explain what your DAO does and how people can get involved. Also you’ll need to have a twitter account as well.

There you have it!! You have pretty much everything needed to run a DAO at an early stage. Just make sure to be actively marketing and chatting in the discord.

The early days are the toughest but if you come out of it with a strong community, you have one heck of a ride coming :P

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