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How to get a web3 Job via Twitter/Discord DMs

Most people get hired in web3 from Twitter and Discord, it’s a cultural shift from the days of boring applications, it’s now about humans and having a conversation with them to gauge both their skills and personality.

In this article, we’ll give you a guide on how to structure your message to the employer and how not to come off annoying.

We know the first question in your head is, Where do I find the people to contact? Well with Voice Work in Web3, we give you the Twitter or Discord names of the employer, https://www.voicedao.fun/work-in-web3, GOODLUCK!

How not to come off annoying

We’ll touch on this first before going into how to structure your message.

Don’t Beg for a Job

A common notion is that you’ll get opportunities through sympathy, which is far from the truth because if you were in the shoes of the founder you’ll prefer hiring someone confident in his/her ability over someone who isn’t and has to suffice through ‘sympathy’.

You’re not the only one applying

Always remember at any given time there are a bunch of other people who are also applying to that role. Don’t send multiple messages within a short period, thinking the more you send the higher your chances. It’s the flat opposite, it just annoys the founder/employer which might lead to he/she not even giving your messages a read.

Don’t send Long message blocks

Be respectful of the time of the employer, you need to be as concise as humanly possible to win your opening message, go straight to the point!. Don’t write a long paragraph thinking the founder will read your long note, write something short and sweet that shows why you’re the right person for the job.

How to structure your Application Message

Lead with Value

Don’t talk about how the role will help you gain experience and how it’ll help you put food on the table, instead lead with how you will help the project progress. 

Your first 5 sentences should be all about how you’ll be a transformative hire for the project.

Talk in concrete measurements

A common thing is to write ‘if you hire me I’ll progress the project forward by a lot’. How? don’t just say what you’ll do, say how.

For example, ‘when I’m hired I’ll be writing 3 to 5 articles a week, that are targetted at our ideal users, which will bring in tons of users and help with SEO, here’s an example of my previous content: {LINK}.’

Give an offer they can’t refuse

Table the employer an offer they can’t possibly refuse, For example, Offer to Work for Free with a result clause:

This is a tactic where you offer to help them hit a certain milestone they are struggling with but they don’t pay you unless you hit that milestone in a set time. For example; offer to help them hit 3k discord members and they only pay you if you hit that number, if you don’t, they don’t pay. It sure is risky but you are much more likely to at least get a reply!

Show them your worth

If you’ve previously worked for a bunch of projects and have a reputation for delivering results, show them your worth and make it clear the value they’ll be getting. Make them want you!

With all that said, Goodluck and DONT SPAM

Find web3 jobs to apply to here: https://www.voicedao.fun/work-in-web3

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