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How to stand out as a web3 community manager

The last part of this course was on 6 steps on how to become a community manager ,today we’ll be covering how to stand out as a community manager.

As web3 projects are realizing how important community is for their project and how their community managers are the face of the project, they are dishing out more money and offering competitive compensation for a great community manager. With this up-turn in demand there has been a flock in of “low quality” community managers. This are people who aren’t actually community managers, Understand what it means to be a community manager or care about the community. Which is a sad reality as it makes it harder for genuinely passionate people to get roles as a community manager.

The big question is how do you stand out? how do you prove to the team that you’re not just another don looking for a job but another don looking for a job in a community he/she is passionate about. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer

Imagine you’re the founder of an NFT Project, would you rather hire someone who holds your NFT, is active on the discord having meaningful conversations and making friends or someone who isn’t at all active in the discord server, doesn’t hold your NFT and always ask “what’s the floor price?”. 

I think the answer here is obvious, its the person who is already in the server making friends and having solid conversations that moves the project forward. The logic is simple, “if he already does it unpaid, what will he do paid?” . 

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean do free work but instead before out rightly applying for a job as a community manager, go into the discord server and be active, have meaningful conversations and let your presence be felt. So when you go ahead to apply for the role you have something most people don’t have which is community credibility. 

Be web3 diverse

The first thing anyone is looking out for when reviewing your application is “what has this person done in the past?” — the more unique, the better — make your application different. For most community manager roles there’ll be a field for you to write a cover letter, take advantage of that field and talk about the either the most unique thing you’ve done in web3, like maybe started a small web3 project, include it even if it failed it shows you have got some experience, or a blend of different web3 experiences.

Most people in the web3 space like to be “one sector agnostic” i.e if they are into NFT, they only do NFT Stuff. If they are into DAOs, they only do DAO stuff etc.

Let yours be different, What if you’re extremely knowledgeable in NFTs, with a lot of NFT experience and also have experience writing DAO Proposals and contributing with governance frameworks, no matter how small or big, this will just show the employer that you’re really into the web3 ecosystem. 

Finally, follow up

After the initial application email follow up with a discord message to one of the team members, with a polite message saying you’ve applied and stating your email address. The team member is likely to pass that on to make sure your application got delivered. 

After that keep being active in the discord as this might sway the decision your way as you’re proving you’re useful. Remember most communities need more than just 1 community manager

Good luck

If you’ll like to apply for community manager jobs check voice out: https://www.voicedao.fun/jobs

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