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Truly, WTF is a DAO?

Bet you’ve heard a LOT about DAO within the last couple of months. Most people first encountered DAOs through the ConstitutionDAO which was looking to buy the US Constitution, crazy right? Most blockchain skeptics first thought is “Another 3 Letter abbreviation?” well Yes but this time we are coming for your job. 

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Truly WTF is a DAO?

Seems like everyone has got a different Explanation for DAOs. Here’s ours, in a pretty truthful and “explain like I’m 5” Way. 

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, already that's a mouth full but give me a minute, DAOs happen when a group of people with a common goal, Mission and Vision come together to achieve it in a decentralized way. We removed as many buzzwords as possible. A common meme definition is a group chat with a shared Crypto wallet. 

Imagine you are a Drake fan, which we expect you to be, then you gather yourself and a bunch of friends who are also die-hards together and say the goal of this DAO is to have at least one member of the DAO in every Drake show no matter where in the world it is. 

So you create some form of chat and decide to pull together your crypto resources to fund every Trip. You build the Site in public and do everything transparently and everyone has the right to vote for who gets to represent the DAO in every show based on the Amount contributed. 

In its simplest and most basic form, this is a DAO. Yes it can get complicated and instead of going to shows you’re investing in protocols and need lawyers in the DAO, dev, designers, a balanced governance model, and a lot more other things

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Are DAOs 100% Decentralized? 

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To be honest, most DAOs aren’t 100% decentralized, Voice has listed over 150 DAOs and the trend remains the same, there’s always some sort of path to centralization of the DAO by a Whale. 

Some DAOs have a set of people who make the decisions, yes they have snapshot voting and sometimes allow only stakers to vote and all that cool stuff but at its core, there are “major” decision-makers. Now, this isn’t bad, if everyone was a major decision member then the DAO will be going nowhere, so yes this is a good thing. In our opinion DAOs shouldn’t be 100% Decentralized but about 70% decentralized making it that the “major” decision-makers are trustworthy people. 

Is DAOs Autonomous?

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Ummm... No, The common ideology is the Uber DAO, where it runs fully autonomous no human interaction is still very much a Dream, Most DAOs preach Community so do we want it fully autonomous? No, we definitely don’t we need to keep it real DAOs are all about community and shouldn’t be fully run by code, maybe funds should be managed by an Autonomous smart contract but every other thing needs to be run by the community.

DAOs equal Community!

Are DAOs an Organizations?

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Well yes, they are. Well, more on the community side than organization but let's stick to that.

Bet you understand what DAOs are now but now the question is why? Why should they even exist?

Simply put Ownership, freedom, and working on what you love. DAOs are the gateway to long-term wealth where builders and value creators get rewarded and the others? well, are left to speculate. DAOs are even playing field for everyone where talent speaks volumes and graduating from Harvard doesn’t 

The girl from a slump in Nigeria has got an equivalent playing field as the Dude who graduated from Harvard as long as they both have a laptop, internet connection, a Discord account, and use Voice. Equality!

Why should you Contribute/ work for a DAO?

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Imagine having the ability to contribute to both Discord code base and Google's Codebase, they aren’t competitors so there really shouldn’t be a problem, In the current web2 world you get fired in the web3 DAO-filled world you’re loved by both DAOs!

You get the freedom to choose what you want to work on and at what time. DAOs offer you flexibility where you’re rewarded according to the value-added over time Spent. 

DAOs Have the Ultimate working conditions!

Working/Contributing to a DAO is a mix of Working, Learning, Networking, comfort, and having fun it's the “perfect” balance. Google gives you free lunch but you are constantly networking with Smart people and meeting new people in the Server/group. 

Now we know what you’re thinking where can I start my DAO journey???

Voice is your go-to place, we help you Discover, Contribute and Go Full-time on DAOs, No hassles.

Visit our website: https://voice.softr.app/

Discord is a place to talk DAOs and let's just geek on: https://discord.gg/P24Drm3EXa

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