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Types of Marketing in Web3

In web3 there are predominantly 3 ways to market in the web3 ecosystem 

Content Marketing

Community Marketing

Product Marketing

All the 3 ways to market in web3 somewhat apply in the web2 ecosystem as well.

Content Marketing

Youtube Videos, Tweets, Mirror blogs, and Podcasts are all forms of content marketing. When doing content marketing in web3 you need to provide value to the audience, as web3 is built on Product to user trust. 

In web3 your users are most likely connecting their wallets to your site so building trust with them through content is a crucial part of growth.

As you might notice a lot of web3 startups have Youtube channels or an active Twitter account providing followers with massively helpful content. This is the web3 way.

Web3 Startups doing content marketing well: 

  • Coinmarketcap with their Youtube channel
  • Coinbase with their blogposts
  • @MoralisWeb3 with both an active Twitter and Youtube channel

Community marketing

Community marketing is especially important for NFT projects and tokens as the community is the product. The only sustainable way to grow an NFT project is through vibrant and well-constructed community marketing

What is Community marketing?

Community marketing is the connection of a brand to a specific community, using a platform to communicate, exchange values, and create mutual meaning.

Keyword ‘connection’. When it comes to community marketing the goal is to make the community so good that the community as a whole both loves your product and will tell the world about it. 

A web3 project does community marketing when they launch their NFT and their community members use the NFT as their pfp.

Community marketing is essentially using the community to both drives the quality of the community but also bring in new people to the community. This is word of mouth, at scale

BAYC is the perfect example of a web3 project killing it when it comes to community marketing.

When they launched their initial BAYC NFTs, they were able to create an initial community of people who both loved the NFT, chatted in the discord, and used the NFTs as their profile picture on Twitter.

This then evolves into the community tweeting about it, which then leads to more people learning about the ecosystem. Then the flywheel continues.

That is why anytime Yuga labs (creators of BAYC) launches a new project there’s a ton of hype.

Product Marketing

This is the holy grail of marketing for every Defi application and any web3 application. A situation where the product is so good it markets itself.

Product Marketing often leads to Community marketing as the community will always evangelize a good product. 

Products like Uniswap and Coinbase do Product marketing as they make their product so good it's hard to compete with it, so automatically new people are attracted to using their app or site.

The takeaway for product marketing is to both build a great product and incorporate marketing into the product.

Up next: Web3 marketing channels

Next: Web3 marketing channels

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