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Web3 marketing channels

In the last article, we talked about the Types of Marketing in web3, in this one we’ll cover the most effective marketing channel in web3.


It's pretty much safe to say Twitter is the home of web3, as crypto Twitter is one of the most active and vibrant communities on the platform. Most web3 companies use Twitter as their primary growth driver. Using Threads, Informative Article Links, and just making sure they have the best Twitter feed in their niche.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, it's more about having a feed worth following than having a feed filled with shills. The best way to use Twitter for marketing is to choose a top or niche and tweet consistently about it.

For example, a Defi product would tweet consistently about Defi, recent news, both the good and the bad, etc. Over time as your following grows you can then widen the scope of your tweets.


Discord as a Marketing channel in web3 is probably the most ignored marketing channel. Discord is where the web3 ecosystem hangs out so it only makes sense to focus on discord marketing. 

Discord marketing ties with community marketing as the goal of this channel is to get people into your community. A good way to market on discord is through intros and showing your expertise during conversations.

For example, If you run a DAO tool and join a DAO the best way to market your tool would be to include it in your intro. Also when the DAO is facing the problem your tool solves you can bring it up. 

This channel should not be used for spam as most discord users would have a bad impression of products who use their community to spam

3.Medium/ Mirror

These two platforms are at the forefront of web3 content marketing. The platform you use to publish your content depends absolutely on the type of audience you want to attract. for example, If you’re targetting a nontechnical wide audience then you should be using medium but if you’re targeting a more web3 native audience that fully cares about decentralization, then Mirror is your best bet. But that said no rule says you can’t experiment with both.


By far one of the most engaged web3 channels, youtube as a marketing channel is always great as video is the best way to distill complex information and build trust. Almost every Web3 product has a YouTube channel. 

Admittedly, the upfront cost of a well-run Youtube channel for a startup can be high but long term it's always a fantastic idea. 

Platforms like Bankless, Coinmarketcap, Moralis, etc use Youtube as a marketing channel effectively,


There are other web3 marketing channels in web3 like 

Email Marketing: Everyone thinks Email is dead so fewer emails are sent thereby leading to a less saturated inbox, startups like Forefront and Bankless use Email effectively.

Twitter Spaces: This is a channel under twitter but can also be viewed from a lens of its own. Twitter spaces are perfect for a more intimate interaction with your Audience. Companies like Odyssey have perfected this channel.

Reddit: One of the hardest marketing channels as Redditors are hostile to marketers. A great rule of thumb here is: don’t market on Reddit, teach.

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